I would like to dedicate this site to my grandfather
Nikole Alvandi who strived and worked very hard
bringing up 5 children into the beautiful world of music.
Being the father of Alice, Bella, Hilda, Shawn, & Vachik
with a beautiful wife named Roza (my grandmother).
He was a entrepenuer, in import/export as well as, an excellent drummer.
The first person to introduce the concept of percussions in Iran.
Nikole played many times for the Shah of Iran,
and was labeled the Sultan of Drums.  He had a unique way of playing Jazz music.
Nikole taught his daughters the art of singing, at the age of five,
my mother Bella, and her two sisters,
were singing on a childrens radio show
similar to our known Sesame Street.
They later went on to acting in many persian movies.
Nikole Alvandi, was a very well respected person in the Persian/Armenian
community until this day.
Unfortunately, I did not get to spend much time with him
since I was very young as he passed on.
I only have memories and pictures to look upon.
That is why I am creating this memory for the world to see,
dedicated to Nikole Alvandi for all the hard work he had to go through,
while supporting a family of six, running a business,
and getting about four hours of sleep on a daily basis, due to his music career.
Family is a very precious thing for everyone.
I am sure that everyone has a person they hold very close to their heart.
This is the gentleman I hold very close to my heart.
Nikole Alvandi, this site is dedicated to you,
you will always be with us throughout our lives.

We love you.